Fish and Other Tales



It’s been a very busy and eventful few weeks with gigs, touring, life and other things.  With one more Fish Tale to go in Shrewsbury this Saturday I am feeling a bit sad that what has been the most amazing tour with wonderful humans is about to end. But I am excited and hopeful that there will be more of similar to announce soon.

Highlights have been many.  I am very proud of my best human, Billy who has been awarded his PhD. We had a whistle stop visit to Birmingham for his Viva before heading to Bolton for a Singing For Pleasure conducting course. That was fun too.

Every gig over the past few weeks has been a joy, from reading in the Steel Rooms in Brigg to Lincoln, Wigan and all the others it has been wonderful.

I am back to my many other jobs and projects this week and am particularly excited about the imminent publication of In Case of an Emergency, La Luna’s first anthology. But more about that in the next instalment.

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