Being in the World


Most of my posts are about what I’ve been doing but this morning I am thinking about being.  The nature of being, of our existence is both simple and complex. Here we are, hurtling through space on a rock living with the inevitability of our own death and that of everyone we know. That is the simple bit. The complex bit is what we do with the time we have and how we are for ourselves and others.  This takes some work.  You can choose to never think about this of course and to just get on with it. For me, just getting on with it is not an option.  How I get on with it and how I am in my existence and in my relationship with others is of paramount importance.

Being with others is not always easy. Often it is painful and challenging and when there is hurt, misunderstanding or deliberate unkindness and cruelty it can be hard to envisage any kind of positive relationship with those responsible.

When I was practising Buddhism I was intrigued by the dharma of Maras. Maras are those who harm us.  The dharma teachers that these individuals are a great asset to our lives because they bring us the most valuable lessons, the ones that enable us to grow the most.  Having had a great many Mara lessons of late I now understand the wisdom of this.  Growth comes from adversity, from challenge and from facing it, even when it is overwhelming and completely exhausting.

Once a storm passes, the air is clearer and it is once again possible to find some peace.  Today, after the storm, I have some peace and I also accept the inevitability of more storms because that is how life is.


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