Poetry Season

NPD-FB cover_0With National Poetry Day just one week away and lots of poetry events on the near horizon I thought a round-up of what’s going on would be a good idea.

On National Poetry Day, Thursday 28th September, the NE Lincs libraries are hosting readings from popular poets in our region. Between 1,00 – 3.00 pm you can hear poetry from Rob Etty in Cleethorpes, Maria Garner in Waltham, Margaret Griffiths and Caroline Burton in Immingham.  Pat McCarthy and I will be performing together at Grimsby entral Library with poetry and improvised jazz.  A little later at At 4.00 pm the Franklin College Young Voices will be reading at Riverhead Coffee.  Carolyn Doyley and Gordon Wilson will be with them.

Students at workhop 1

The Young Voices programme is now in full swing and their anthology will be the next La Luna publication, scheduled for release in time for Christmas.  It promises to be a diverse and fascinating collection.

helen-mort-1As part of their programme, Helen Mort will be running a workshop on October 6th followed by a reading from 5.00 pm on Friday 6th October at Riverhead Coffee.  Helen has just won the 2017 Mslexia Women’s poetry Prize.  She is a truly outstanding voice in British poetry.

Of course the next leg of the Fish Tales Tour kicks off in October and I can’t wait to be out on the road again.

Here’s hoping to see you at an event soon. Come and say hello.


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