Being Human

Wold Sunset 2

Death, when it comes is shocking. We know that we will die, but we don’t know it at a deep level and so the fact of death can leave us reeling.  Sudden and unexpected death is always harrowing.  There is little comfort that can be given, few words that we can say that truly express the depth of feeling that accompanies death.  Perhaps the best we can do is simply be there, be present in the face of death, acknowledge it and then stand with the living in honour of the lost one and those that loved them.

At the heart of all life is the certainty of death. Being human is to die.  In the meantime. let’s live gently and well.

One thought on “Being Human

  1. So very true Josie. Yesterday was the anniversary of Michaels death 6 years ago. I have been reading “The Prophet ” by Kahlil Gibrand as there was passage from this read at his funerall. There is also a saying that ” Grief is the price you pay for love” without one you cannot know the other.


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