La Luna in 2018


2017 was a phenomenal year in terms of the many things that La Luna achieved and now that January is almost past and several projects are up and running I am thinking about  plans for the rest of the year and beyond.

This Friday, La Luna hosts Helen Mort at Riverhead Coffee in Grimsby and hot on the heels of that is our first Poetry Cafe gathering on Thursday 1st. This monthly meeting of writers is gathering momentum and has given me food for thought in terms of how to develop and add to it.

A Woodland Story is proving popular with children and teachers and although we’re only at the beginning of the schools tour, we are already seeing what a joyous and engaging piece of work it is. It’s great to go into schools with an excellent ensemble to deliver work that is so appreciated.

Great Grimsby Community Choir goes from strength to strength and deserves the support and positivity it receives.  We have interesting concerts in the pipeline and lots of plans for workshops, collaborations and events across the year.

I am looking forward to two further Fish Tales gigs in June and more work with Pat McCarthy and Alan Barnes – work that is already in the process of being created.

La Luna projects and the work I undertake as a writer and performer are lifeblood to me.  I love what I do and am lucky to be in a position of having access to creative opportunities with some outstanding artists. I am optimistic about 2018 and to looking ahead to some wonderful work.  Thank you to everyone who has supported me and for that continuing support. The days are getting longer and there is always light.

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