Praise for A Fish Tale

Thanks To Claire Meadows for this review of A Fish Tale

A collection that is startlingly contemporary, yet resonant with the voices of the past. Josie Moon’s command of language is the anchor….free of cliche, coaxing the stories behind each verse into the light of day. Her touch is deft, without being overly slick, mournful, but with a vestige of hope for the future. Being of Hull as I am, Arctic stories are no stranger. I closed my eyes, imbibing each story and feeling the sea salt bubble up in my blood. Moon’s words worked their magic…bringing to mind the tales of my trawler-ship captain great-uncle Dick..tales filtered down through years….now lost to time. I’m able to imagine..maybe more vividly than most..the world of the Three-Day Millionaires. Uncle Dick and Aunt Gwen in the 60s and 70s, dashing down to London with their own personal driver, making the most of his shore time, before heading back into a world that was dangerous as it was compelling. Josie Moon should feel very proud of this collection.

Claire Meadows is Editor in Chief, After Nyne Magazine and  author of To The Lions. 

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