Josie Moon

Poet and Musician

La Luna

f-la-luna-banner-8-gold-moon-simpler-inverse-2000px-wide…is my small indpendent publishing company.

 Josie Moon’s Work

Edit this page so that it is only your work for sale – keep the rest of the list somewhere sensible and findable in your system. Billy is my best most beautifullest love.


  1. The Poplars: Moonfruit 2011
  2. The Ninth Wave: Moonfruit 2015
  3. A Fish Tale: La Luna 2017
  4. The Swamp People of the East March: La Luna 2017
  5. Pop-Up Mary Says …

Miscellaneous poems going back over 30 years to be revised, edited and considered   for an anthology 2018


  1. Just One Night: Amazon Kindle 2013
  2. The Ice House
  3. Tales of Modern Romance: Short Stories
  4. The Life and Times of La Luna Poetry Cafe: Novella in progress
  5. The White Mare – finished and unpublished novel
  6. Autumn Fugue – bloody interesting unfinished novel
  7. Larry’s Comedy Spider
  8. Miscellaneous short stories and flash fiction


Children and Young People

  1. Billy and the Body Bandits
  2. Tokoyo
  3. Viva Infantil
  4. Hit Like and Share
  5. The Incredible Dreams of Maria McQueen
  6. KIng Arthur


  1. Alexandra Rex


Big old maybe – we’ll see. Could do it elsewhere under a pseudonym…

Anthologised Work

Shadows on a Blue Lake – with Driftnet

In Continuum – with Driftnet


With Merlin’s Keep

  1. Wide Avalonian Skies
  2. Mind, Body and Folk
  3. Of This World
  4. The Peace EP
  5. High on a Hill
  6. Havelok the Dane


  • Photographs
  • Flora
  • Skies
  • Kingston Gardens
  • Miscellaneous
  1. Prints
  • The Kingston Gardens sequence
  • Jinny Greenteeth
  • Flowers
  • Water
  • Sea
  • Moon on the Wold